Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long should it take to see the displays?

We would suggest that it should take around an hour to see all the displays and to have some hands-on fun. There will be a main exhibition area as well as a junior exhibition area and themed areas to enjoy – Lego Arcade, Technic, Mindstorms and kids’ competition finalist displays.

Visitors can enjoy having a go at remote control Lego vehicles, Mindstorms robots, Lego soccer, make-your-own lego car and race track and Duplo area for the toddlers. There’ll even be a Lego Arcade with coin operated machines made entirely from Lego bricks! Be sure to take the time to buy some hot cinnamon donuts and a cup of coffee or stay for lunch!

What can the kids do?

Hands-on play is a large part of this event. Visitors can enjoy having a go at the remote control vehicles, a large construction tower crane, Mindstorms robots, Lego soccer, make-your-own lego car and race track, Lego arcade and Duplo area for the toddlers.

There will be Lego kits for sale as well as a lucky dip. The kids will also enjoy the yummy hot cinnamon donuts and there will be a variety of options available for lunch!

Can we get tickets at the gate?

Tickets will only be available at the gate for sessions that have NOT sold out prior. We recommend booking tickets online once tickets go on sale from April 1st 2018, to avoid disappointment. Our Facebook page will provide updates on sessions that are sold out closer to the event.

Can I pay cash at the door?

If some sessions are NOT sold out prior to the event, we will have tickets available at the door. Cash is the preferred method of payment here. Credit card facilities will also be available. As we will not know which sessions will sell out first, ordering online is recommended.

How much are tickets?

Go to our tickets page for pricing and information about ticketing.

I have lost or deleted my tickets. What should I do?

If you have lost or accidentally deleted your tickets and need to replace them, click here to arrange replacement tickets.

Do I need to pre-book tickets?

This is preferred to prevent large lines at the gate and to avoid disappointed of missing out entirely if the event sells out!

Make sure you bring along your printed tickets to the event!

Will there be Lego available for purchase?

Yes, we will have a Lego Shop and lucky dips.

Will there be food and drink for sale?

Yes, there will be coffees, hot cinnamon donuts and a range of lunch options for you to chose from. The Brick Cafe will be located alongside the hands-on-play area which allows parents to sit and enjoy some food while watching their children play!

Do I need to buy a ticket if I have a Companion or Carer’s Card?

Purchase a ticket for the person you are accompanying. If you have a Companion Card or a Carer’s Card, you do not need to purchase a ticket to gain access to our event. Please present your card with the purchased ticket for free access to the event.

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Brick Barossa is a new LEGO fan event to be hosted by St Jakobi Lutheran School on July 7-8, 2018. Exhibitors from Southern Bricks LEGO Group will amaze visitors with their complex LEGO displays.

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